About Us

kalon-and-angela-wiggins-medium-1-.jpgOwlAboutOwls began with a passion for owl artistry and a personal need. Founded by Angela and Kalon Wiggins, we've been married for over a decade and are looking to have children but can only have them either through in vitro fertilization or adoption. Both are expensive options.

We discovered a love for owl jewelry and decided to open a shop selling owl goods to raise funds for our family. 

We're still working on that family, and are hoping that once we can welcome a new face into our home that we can continue to parlay this business into something that can help others achieve their child raising goals as well. That's on the horizon.

For now we appreciate your patronage, promise that we'll put your purchases into a great cause and do our best to expand our mission as we fulfill our family goal.

-Angela and Kalon Wiggins